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openQA - Access

System Requirements

To complete any of the examples below you will need access to a system providing the openQA client. Typically that will be a Fedora based system/container with the openqa-client package and it's (~239) dependencies installed.

Access Requirement

API GET access

The Rocky Linux openQA system allows unrestricted public access via it's web interface or using the openqa-client for GET operations against the API.

API POST access

In order to use the openQA client to interact with the Rocky Linux openQA system for POST operations the following are required:

Configuring your openqa client

Per the openqa client command help you can configure your client to use your API key in a number of ways.

The following example shows how to configure your client by the most common method used. It's possible to configure multiple openqa client API keys in this way.

$ mkdir -p ~/.config/openqa

$ vim ~/.config/openqa/client.conf

$ cat ~/.config/openqa/client.conf
key = your_localhost_api_key
secret = your_localhost_api_secret
key = your_api_key
secret = your_api_secret

Testing your openqa client installation

$ openqa-cli api --host --pretty jobs/1
   "job" : {
      "assets" : {
         "iso" : [
      "assigned_worker_id" : 2,
      "blocked_by_id" : null,
      "children" : {
         "Chained" : [],
         "Directly chained" : [],
         "Parallel" : []
      "clone_id" : null,
      "group" : "Rocky",
      "group_id" : 2,
      "has_parents" : 0,
      "id" : 1,
      "name" : "rocky-8.6-boot-iso-x86_64-Build-8.6-boot-iso--20221110.223812.0-install_default@64bit",
      "parents" : {
         "Chained" : [],
         "Directly chained" : [],
         "Parallel" : []
      "parents_ok" : 1,
      "priority" : 10,
      "result" : "failed",
      "settings" : {
         "ARCH" : "x86_64",
         "ARCH_BASE_MACHINE" : "64bit",
         "BACKEND" : "qemu",
         "BUILD" : "-8.6-boot-iso--20221110.223812.0",
         "DESKTOP" : "gnome",
         "DISTRI" : "rocky",
         "FLAVOR" : "boot-iso",
         "GRUB" : "ip=dhcp",
         "HDDSIZEGB" : "15",
         "ISO" : "Rocky-8.6-x86_64-boot.iso",
         "MACHINE" : "64bit",
         "NAME" : "00000001-rocky-8.6-boot-iso-x86_64-Build-8.6-boot-iso--20221110.223812.0-install_default@64bit",
         "PACKAGE_SET" : "default",
         "PART_TABLE_TYPE" : "mbr",
         "POSTINSTALL" : "_collect_data",
         "QEMUCPU" : "Nehalem",
         "QEMUCPUS" : "2",
         "QEMURAM" : "3072",
         "QEMUVGA" : "virtio",
         "QEMU_VIRTIO_RNG" : "1",
         "TEST" : "install_default",
         "TEST_SUITE_NAME" : "install_default",
         "TEST_TARGET" : "ISO",
         "VERSION" : "8.6",
         "WORKER_CLASS" : "qemu_x86_64"
      "state" : "done",
      "t_finished" : "2022-11-10T22:44:19",
      "t_started" : "2022-11-10T22:38:12",
      "test" : "install_default"


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