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openqa-cli POST Examples

This page will provide a brief overview of some basic openqa-cli POST examples.

System / Access Requirements

To complete any of the examples please complete the API POST Access steps outlined in the openQA - Access document.

Basic POST

A basic POST can be used for any of the default test suites for the various Rocky Linux media that are made available. The following examples show some of these standard POSTs that are commonly used by our team and will be used to demonstrate how some minor variations.


This first POST is the most basic, simply providing the minimal set of variables required to trigger the standard test suite for the Rocky Linux 9.1 boot ISO on openqa workers for the x86_64 architecture. All tests of the test suite are predetermined and configure on the openQA server. Since the boot ISO doesn't contain any packages this test suite is effectively a network install from standard Rocky Linux repository servers and/or mirrors.

$ openqa-cli api -X POST isos ISO=Rocky-9.1-x86_64-boot.iso ARCH=x86_64 \
  DISTRI=rocky FLAVOR=boot-iso VERSION=9.1 CURRREL=9 BUILD=20230409-Rocky-9.1-x86_64.0


This POST demonstrates how a different media type, in this case the minimal ISO, for an alternate Rocky Linux version, in this case Rocky Linux 8.7, can be triggered. As can be seen by this and the previous POST the BUILD variable will typically be designate the date, version and architecture of the test suite. Since the minimal ISO contains all packages required to conduct a minimal install of Rocky Linux that is the behavior of this test suite.

$ openqa-cli api -X POST isos ISO=Rocky-8.7-x86_64-minimal.iso ARCH=x86_64 \
  DISTRI=rocky FLAVOR=minimal-iso VERSION=8.7 CURRREL=8 BUILD=20230409-Rocky-8.7-x86_64.0


This POST demonstrates specification of the final normal media type, the dvd ISO, along with what is called a FLAVOR, in this case package-set for the x86_64 architecture and Rocky Linux 9.1. Since the dvd ISO contains all of the packages available at release of a specific version or Rocky Linux the package-set test suite will test installation of all primary installation types of Rocky Linux not included in the minimal-iso test suite above.

$ openqa-cli api -X POST isos ISO=Rocky-9.1-20221214.1-x86_64-dvd.iso ARCH=x86_64 \
  DISTRI=rocky FLAVOR=package-set VERSION=9.1 CURRREL=9 BUILD=20230409-Rocky-9.1-x86_64.0

These three test suites provide for the minimal testing of all ISOs produced for a given release of Rocky Linux.

Advanced POST

In addition to the Basic POSTs described above there are additional default test suites that use the dvd ISO media and include substantially more test cases. Those include:

  • installing in graphical, text and serial console
  • installation for standard BIOS and UEFI
  • validation of the Anaconda help system
  • disk layout variations including LVM, RAID, partition shrink and/or grow, iSCSI and LUKS
  • PXE installation from various network sources
  • installation in various languages

Standard POSTs for these test suites is very similar to the basic POSTs above and are shown below...


$ openqa-cli api -X POST isos ISO=Rocky-9.1-20221214.1-x86_64-dvd.iso ARCH=x86_64 \
  DISTRI=rocky FLAVOR=dvd-iso VERSION=9.1 CURRREL=9 BUILD=20230409-Rocky-9.1-x86_64.0


$ openqa-cli api -X POST isos ISO=Rocky-9.1-20221214.1-x86_64-dvd.iso ARCH=x86_64 \
  DISTRI=rocky FLAVOR=universal VERSION=9.1 CURRREL=9 BUILD=20230409-Rocky-9.1-x86_64.0

Collection of test suites by BUILD

A feature of openQA is that for a given job group test suites which use the same BUILD identifier are collected into a single view in the web UI.

openQA Home View...

Thus, the examples show above which all use BUILD=20230409-Rocky-9.1-x86_64.0 are all shown in a single view. Additionally, that view is accessible via a predictable URI, for example as shown below...

openQA Build View...


openQA Documentation

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